Telecommunication is the key of progress and evolving method for all individuals and even countries. Nowadays, Saudi Arabia has been considered one of the top countries that have succeeded to follow and catch up the Hi-Tech in field of communications which needs a wide (wired and wireless) networks spreading and connecting the large distance within Saudi lands. ADSL Technique the transmission of Ethernet and multimedia is considered the top of Hi-Tech of telecommunication that requires a tight network of Fiber Optical Cable link between cities exchanges where H.I-Tech. transmission equipment operates effectively. GSM is the new generation Hi-tech standard developed to cater voice services and data delivery using digital modulation. All these Hi-tech require highly skilled engineers, technicians and latest advanced equipment to implement, manage and operate which ATS with all its recourses and equipment can fulfill it and become one of the recognized contractor in this field.

IBS Executions

  • Installation of BTS Equipment (BBU, DCU), DC Distribution Box, Power Distribution Unit (PDU), Fiber & Coaxial Cables, MW Antennas, Omni-directional Antennas, Panel Antennas, SISO & MIMO-type Antennas, ODF, ODB, OMB, RTN, Outdoor & Indoor Unit (ODU/IDU).
  • Configuration of BTS (BBU + DCU) & other Active & Passive components based on the approved Design on either Active, Passive or Lampsite.
  • Usage of proper and professional tools and equipments for implementing the site.

IBS Survey & Design

  • Pre-Signal Testing for Existing IBS Sites & New Sites
  • Design & Power Survey (Civil & E/M)
  • DAS Design Survey
  • DAS Design using iBwave Design tool
  • MW LOS Survey
  • MW Network Design using Path Loss
  • Civil Design (using AutoCAD) & E/M Calculations
  • Coverage Acceptance & Performance Test
  • Preliminary Acceptance Test (P.A.T.)
  • Final Acceptance Test (F.A.T.)



Huawei-ATS Partnership

  • We were supplying manpower to HUAWEI Tech. for their startup projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • We did the projects for VIVA in Kuwait along with HUAWEI.
  • Huawei CDMA 450M WLL Project
  • Mobily-HUAWEI GSM2 Project
  • HUAWEI-NEC MW Transmission Project

ATS had a strong relationship with HUAWEI Tech. since 1998.

Partnership Project

  • Saudi Zain Reload Project
    • * Phase 1
    • * Phase 2
    • * Phase 3
  • STC -Huawei 4G3 Project
  • STC-Huawei 4G4 Project

We are one of the major contractor in Huawei - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Telecommunication Works

  • Engineering Survey & Designing (using ATOLL & MapInfo)
  • Frequency Survey & Network Planning
  • Microwave LOS Survey & Designing (using PathLoss v4.0 and up)
  • BTS Radio Equipment (Ericsson, Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia-Siemens, HUAWEI) Installation
  • DC Rectifier (DELTA, Eltek) Installation
  • Antenna & Feeder Cables Installation
  • Commissioning, Testing and Integration
  • Preliminary Acceptance Test (P.A.T.)
  • Final Acceptance Test (F.A.T.)
  • Operation & Maintenance

OSP & Fiber Optics

  • Complete fiber optic splicing (fusion and/or mechanical)
  • Complete testing services, such as end to end, reel testing, and splice loss testing, ORL, power meter / laser source testing and WDM testing
  • OSP Design & Installation
  • Construction of Cable Trenches and Cable Laying
  • Supply and Installation of Thrust Boring
  • Installation of DPs, STBs and Cabinet
  • Telephone Network Services and Maintenance


GSM Executions

  • Installation of MW & BTS Equipment, DC Distribution Box, Power Distribution Unit (PDU), Feeder Cables, MW & RF Antenna, Tower-Mounted Amplifier (TMA), Outdoor & Indoor Unit (ODU/IDU), and Distribution Frame.
  • Configuration of BTS based on Design

GSM Implementations

  • RF Antenna Sweep Test including Voltage to signal Wave Ratio (VSWR), Return Loss, Distance to Fault (DTF)
  • B.T.S & B.E.R Testing (To Certify the 24-hours quality of Link and Performance)
  • Alarm & Power Testing
  • Commissioning and Integration
  • Operation & Maintenance



COMPLETED PROJECTS (GSM, Electro-Mechanical, Telecom)

  • SRS (Subscriber Radio Systems) 35 Villages Project
  • SRS Private Projects
  • SRS-WLL (Wireless Local Loop) Projects
  • SRS 450K Expansion Projects
  • SRS Relocation 2002 & 2003 Projects


  • GSM E5
  • GSM E6 PO1
  • GSM E6 PO2
  • GSM E6 PO3
  • GSM E6 PO4
  • GSM E7 PO2
  • GSM E9
  • GSM C.O.W.
  • GSM Civil 2007
  • GSM Civil 2008
  • GSM C7 Project
  • GSM C8 Project
  • GSM C9 Project
  • GSM C10 Project
  • GSM C11 Project
  • GSM C12 Project
  • GSM C13 Project
  • IBS 2011 Project
  • IBS 2012 Project

Etihad Etisalat Company (EEC) MOBILY Projects

  • GSM2 (Ericsson)
  • GSM2 (Motorola)
  • GSM2 (EEC)
  • GSM2 (Huawei)
  • GSM2 (Alcatel-Lucent)
  • GSM2 (NEC)
  • GSM L+1 Phase Project
  • GSM L+3 Phase Project
  • GSM L+4 Phase Project
  • GSM L+5 Phase Project
  • GSM L+6 Phase Project
  • GSM L+8 Phase Project